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As stated in the October 2017 issue of Forbes, MENUDO is “the most successful Latin boy band of all time”.

Though more than thirty band members have gone in and out of MENUDO since its inception in 1977, it’s the MENUDO brand that evokes images of sold out soccer stadiums, crazed fans storming hotels, and young girls fainting in every direction. Our unique concept of a revolving cast of talented Latino boys singing, dancing and exciting millions of pre-teen girls with hit music proved so powerful that the Mayor of New York once proclaimed MENUDO to be “Bigger than the Beatles”.

As one of the few entertainment brands that needs no description, MENUDO has performed more than a thousand concerts, sold 60 million albums and became the first boy band to cross the billion-dollar revenue plateau (without social media). The brand’s family-friendly image and power with multiple generations of fans has made it one of the most successful and significant brands in entertainment and Latin culture.

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